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How I Got My Start

 I’m a Utah native who's always had a true love for the arts. I believe art helps us to express the horrors and wonders of being human. I currently attend Brigham Young University- Idaho studying Theatre Performance with a minor in Biology. My anticipated graduation date is April 2022.  


 I have a passion for learning and originally sought out to be a doctor. However I always had an underlying love for performance. I was quite the dramatic child!  Growing up I dabbled in theatre, but I spent more time playing soccer, studying, swimming, hiking, camping, and running cross country / track.


 It wasn’t until I graduated high school where I seriously considered acting as a profession. I made the final decision after I spent 18 months as a missionary. While on this mission I interacted with professional actors. After that experience I fell in love with the idea of being one myself and knew that God was on my side to pursue this honorable side of storytelling. I still have a  deep love for learning about scientific subjects. But after spending a lifetime singing and dancing in front of a mirror I realized that that’s where I felt most alive. There is something so unbelievably gratifying about playing different roles, while putting my own twist on each performance.  

 Every day I go to work, I strive to be the best actor I can be and I’d love to work with you on any projects you have in mind.

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